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Have you ever imagined stepping into the universe of science fiction and living in the worlds it portrays? Have you ever dreamt of being Lieutenant Commander Worf on the bridge of the Defiant, or of filling Daniel Jackson's shoes and unlocking the clues to ancient civilizations? Have you ever wished you could wield The Force and use it for good — or evil? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around on the space station Babylon 5, or to find yourself in a sudden shootout on a Firefly-class transport?

Here, you can.

Living the Dream

The Starfleet Legacy Alliance offers you the chance to live in the Corner of a Stargate realities you see in science fiction every day. We offer several dozen role-playing games — called sims or simulations — that take place in a variety of science fiction universes.

All of our sims are unique and offer something new and exciting to new simmers and veterans alike. Our most popular sim genre is Star Trek, but the SLA also has games in the Stargate, Firefly, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and Torchwood universes. There's something for everyone!

Ready to Join the Adventure?

If you're ready to jump in and give simming in the SLA a try, use the menu at left to begin charting your course to the stars.

Our Simming section contains information on how simming works, choosing the type Cropped Starship Firing Phasers of sim to join, creating characters, and making the most of your simming experience.

The Our Sims section features our entire simming lineup. You can explore games by science fiction genre, type (live action sims or games taking place via e-mail and message boards), or day and time (for live action sims).

Finally, once you've decided what you're interested in, visit our Join page and begin your simming adventure!

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or are having trouble finding a sim that fits you, contact us. Someone will get back with you right away and help point you in the right direction!

Welcome to Simming!

The SLA's primary goal is to help you have fun! Explore, interact, and enjoy; most of all, live the dream of making the worlds of science fiction your own!

Welcome to the Starfleet Legacy Alliance: Where We Touch The Stars.