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Our Group

The SLA was founded in 2000 to foster fun and unique simulations for simmers and hosts. One of its founding principles is wide freedom for a sim's hosts, contrasting it with some organizations that play a very active role in sims' internal affairs. From its original founding with three sims, the group has grown to offer several dozen unique games, and it is one of the larger simming groups in operation today.

Here you'll find information on the current structure of the SLA, the group's origins, and other details.

  • SLA News — The latest happenings in the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Also, be sure to check out the SLA News box in the sidebar!
  • Government Structure — The SLA's government exists solely to further an excellent simming experience for its members. This section explains how the group is organized and introduces the people involved in keeping the SLA running.
  • SLA Charter — The founding principles, member rights and requirements, and government structure of the SLA are established in the Charter, published in its entirety in this section.
  • SLA History — We've come a long way since our founding in 2000. This section features a timeline of the SLA's development up to the present.
  • In Memory of our Founder — Seth Cotis was the driving force between founding the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, and served as the group's guiding light. He passed away suddenly in July of 2005. This section honors his memory.
  • Website Information — This section discusses the SLA website for anyone interested in understanding how it works.