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Website Information

This is the SLA website, version 6.02. It replaces the long- and loyally-serving version 5.0, the last version of the SLA website created by Seth before his untimely passing.

The website was designed and constructed by Warp and Kuruma

Special Thanks

First and foremost, thanks go to Seth for building and maintaining the SLA's website for his five years in charge of it. Version 5 was an extremely large and complex website, and filling its shoes is not something that version 6.02 will be able to do for a very long time.

Thanks also go to the Federation Sim Fleet. The FSF's website and AMS have inspired features in several versions of the SLA website, including version 6.02. We'd like to specifically thank FSF's Admiral Shuni for his assistance.

The ranks used on the Rank Conversion pages were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images in any way, simply contact Kuro-chan and he will see to your rank needs. Visit the website for details.

Technologies Used

This website is designed with standards-compliance in mind. It is not designed for any particular web browser or platform, although a modern web browser is the target. It degrades gracefully for viewing in many legacy browsers, as well as in text-only environments. Accessibility software that analyzes tag semantics should also be fully compatible with this website.

This website also strives to be fully compatible with several W3C standards, which are listed below. Not all pages will conform to all standards due to the dynamic nature of the website, but a majority of pages should.

  • XHTML 1.0: This website's markup is intended to be 100% XHTML 1.0-compliant. It serves text using the text/html MIME type, despite recommendations against doing so. Until more browsers (read: MSIE) support the application/ xhtml+ xml MIME type. Markup semantics are emphasized in the code for accessibility and future compatibility reasons.
  • CSS 2.1: This website uses CSS declarations that are compatible with all major browsers (at the time of its development) for styling of content. It does not employ any CSS "hacks" in order to obtain compatibility with any browser. (It does, however, employ MSIE conditional comments. A good reference on these is located at CSS - Conditional comments, a QuirksMode feature.)
  • DOM levels 1 and 2: The limited JavaScript/ECMAScript-driven features present on this website use DOM methods to access and interact with the web browser. Checks are performed to ensure that non-compliant browsers do not execute code containing DOM methods, and all content degrades gracefully.
  • PHP: Version 6.02 of is built using object-oriented PHP 5. (Ruby on Rails also comes highly recommended.)
  • Apache HTTP Server: This website runs on the open source Apache, the most popular HTTP server on the World Wide Web today.
  • Linux: All site hosting and most development work for is done on systems running the open source Linux (or GNU/Linux if you prefer) operating system.
  • Subversion: Version control for version 6.02 is done using the excellent Subversion SCM system.
  • Apple Macintosh: All graphic design and a portion of source code development was done using an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X.
  • Aptana Studio: The site is currently updated using the Aptana Studio Environment, which is able to work with all code from HTML to Rails.


If you're looking to undertake a web design project, we suggest these resources as jumping-off points:

  • A List Apart: A website for modern web designers, featuring articles by many veterans of CSS-based web design. (A short, useful introduction to the foundation of modern web design principles is given in the article Separation: The Web Designer's Dilemma.)
  • QuirksMode: An extremely useful website that documents countless browser bugs, quirks, and incompatibilities — and includes lots of information on how to work around them.
  • mezzoblue: The home of designer Dave Shea, with many articles covering various aspects of standards-based design.
  • Aptana TV: Video Demonstrations on how to design code within the Aptana or any other environment.

This website and its content are copyright © 2000-2009 Starfleet Legacy Alliance except where noted below. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Some science fiction images on this website were not created by the SLA. We believe the use of the portions of images present qualifies as fair use. If you are the copyright owner of any image present and would like us to remove it from the website, please contact us.