Image of the USS Enterprise-D in space


We've assembled a collection of resources on simming and science fiction in general to help make your simming experience more interesting. Explore them below!

Available Resources

  • Warp Speed Chart — This chart, based on a similar one published in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, highlights the connections between speeds on the warp scale, the power required to sustain them, and warp factors in terms of the speed of light.
  • Rank Conversion Chart — This chart relates many of the ranks in different branches of Starfleet to one another. The information here roughly holds for Stargate as well.
  • History of Simming — This history of simming was compiled by Chas Hammer of the Simming League and the SLA's founder, Seth Cotis.
  • Useful Links — In this section you'll find links to simming- and science fiction-related links around the World Wide Web.
  • SLA Shops — This is the section to buy All SLA Goodies.