Image of the USS Enterprise-D in space

About Simming

There's a lot to learn about simming, and the SLA offers many different kinds of sims to choose from. Deciding which type of sim to join can be a difficult decision. To help you make that choice, we've created a set of guides covering various aspects of the simming experience.

Simming Guides

  • Introduction to Simming — If you've never simmed before, this guide covers the basics of how simming works and why it's so much fun.
  • Selecting a Sim — Selecting a sim can be a difficult choice. This guide presents many of the options to help you find the sim that's right for you.
  • Creating a Character — Once you've found a sim that you'd like to join, you need to create a character to bring into the sim's universe. This guide focuses on creating an enjoyable character with plenty of room to grow.
  • Writing Logs — Most sims include written stories, called logs, in addition to the main storyline action. This guide touches on different log-writing styles and ways to tie your logs in with the rest of the action in the sim.
  • About Ranks — Most sims also include a ranking system, since many of them take place in a military environment. This guide explains what ranks mean, in and out of character, and offers tips on how to keep your character in the running for the next promotion.