Image of the USS Enterprise-D in space

Selecting a Sim

The SLA offers a wide variety of sims: different formats, different genres of science fiction, different gaming styles — the choice of which sim you'd like to join is sometimes very hard to make! Asking yourself the following questions may help you narrow down the choices and pick the sims that fit you best.

  1. Do I want a fixed schedule or a flexible schedule?
    There are two primary "formats" of simming: live action and play-by-e-mail/message board. If you are interested in committing to an hour or two per week with a set day and time, live action (AOL Instant Messenger or IRC) may be the best option. If your schedule is unpredictable or you aren't comfortable deciding to devote a set portion of a day (usually evening) one day each week, a play-by-e-mail or message board sim is probably a better bet.
  2. Do I want a sim that moves at a faster pace and emphasizes immediate action or one that moves more slowly and focuses on character development?
    There are never any absolutes, but many find live action simulations to be more action-packed and faster-paced; play-by-e-mail and message board sims move through situations more slowly and allow their members to spend more time on rich character interactions and backstories. Many of the former also focus heavily on characters, and many of the latter can move very quickly at times, but this is a good rule of thumb in deciding what pace and focus you're interested in for your character.
  3. Does the SLA have sims in my favorite science fiction genre that are <live action/play-by-e-mail/message board>?
    Take a look at our sim listing by using the menu at left. You can drill down and look individually at each science fiction genre we offer. If the SLA doesn't offer a sim in an area that you would like, please let us know!

There are many other factors to choosing a sim, but narrowing down your choice of format is the most important step in locating the right sim for you. If you've got a list of sims that might fit your needs but you aren't quite sure, feel free to contact us for help, or you can contact the hosts of those sims directly. They should be able to give you the information you need to make an informed decision — and start experiencing the fun of simming!