Image of the USS Enterprise-D in space

Writing Logs

Logs are a very unique aspect of simming. They are usually short stories — or sometimes series of stories — but they can come in a variety of styles that are unique to the simmers who write them. Many simmers cite writing logs as their favorite part of simming.

In play-by-e-mail and message board sims, the term "logs" is not often found, but you instead see what is essentially a synonym: posts. These sims consist entirely of back-and-forth posts and joint posts, written in story form. They're rich in opportunities for writing, both on your own and with others.

Live action sims also typically emphasize writing heavily. Some of the SLA's oldest and most successful sims, including the USS Potemkin and Wing Commander: Battle for Enigma, have distinguished themselves as environments where great writing is an integral part of the simming experience. Most of the SLA's sims place their logs and posts on the Ten Forward Lounge for everyone's enjoyment.

There are several common types of logs, and different people often mix and match these styles (or variants on them) in their logs. You can see samples of each style below.

"Story style" is most common in play-by-e-mail and message board sims, but you'll find logs written in ways similar to these on many sims. Which style you wish to use is completely up to you, and we encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you! Logs are a personal expression and a creative exercise — do what feels right, and have fun!

"Narrative Style"

Personal log, stardate 12345.6. Today, the ship visited the Lantaru Sector, and we encountered strange sensor anomalies. Suddenly, the ship's systems flashed an alert about an "omega molecule" and the captain looked extremely worried. I scanned the region to try to find out what was wrong. ...

"Story Style"

"I don't understand," John said to the bartender. "You're out of root beer?"

The man behind the counter nodded in reply. "The Bolian over there has my last fresh bottle," he said. "I can replicate a fresh mug for you if you'd like."

Ensign Smith scoffed. "Some bartender you are." He stormed out of the lounge, not looking at anyone or anything on his way out. ...

"Simming Style"

Computer, load calisthenics program Smith Seven. Difficulty level three. I will be portraying a Klingon. Engage.
::Walks into the holodeck and hears the doors close::
Romulan> You will never defeat me, Klingon.
::Picks up a mek'leth:: I will see you in Gre'thor, Romulan slime. ::Raises the weapon and leaps into action::
Romulan> ::Swings his blade confidently, but misses his target::
::Slices the mek'leth through the air, catching the Romulan's sleeve:: Not so defiant now, are you, Centurion!?
::Hears his combadge chirp:: Smith here, go ahead.
Ensign Grilbok> Ensign Smith, you are needed in science lab one. ...