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USS LionheartUSS Lionheart
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Post - Dominion War
Format: AIM
EST 8:00pm
CST 7:00pm
MST 6:00pm
PST 5:00pm
GMT 1:00am

Proudly serving in its eighth year, the Lionheart is equipped with some of the newest and most advanced systems relegated to a Federation vessel. It is a ship of exploration, yet it stands ready to return to the call of combat wherever and whenever required. The 'new breed' of the vanguard of Starfleet's arsenal focuses primarily upon the new credo of "Peace through Superior Technology". Yet behind the technology, lies a crew that virtually bears the weight of Starfleet's credibility upon their shoulders. A crew that is fallible, where perfection is a dream, not the law.

CO: Captain Delphi Rune
XO: Commander Christine Sterling


USS MercutioUSS Mercutio
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Post - Dominion War
Format: AIM
EST 9:00pm
CST 8:00pm
MST 7:00pm
PST 6:00pm
GMT 2:00am

With the end of the Dominion War, the time of Reconstruction has begun. Yet in hand with the new era of cooling tensions come a time of new conflicts in the shadows. The USS Mercutio, an refitted Akira-class ship stands at the front line of the conflict. Reporting to Starfleet's Special Operations division, the ship and crew walk the fine line between the golden age of the past and the darkness of the future.

CO: Captain Stacey Templar
XO: Commander Henry Crow


USS PotemkinUSS Potemkin
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Post - Dominion War
Format: AIM
EST 10:00pm
CST 9:00pm
MST 8:00pm
PST 7:00pm
GMT 3:00am

The Potemkin is an action-packed Trek sim taking place on a powerful Akira-class vessel. For 14 years the Potemkin has offered the best in both live-action and traditional simming to the many crews who have journeyed with her to the stars and back.

CO: Admiral James B. "Warp" Mitchell
XO: Commander Thomas Arnet

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USS ZealousUSS Zealous
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Reconstruction Era
Format: PBEM



During the Dominion War Starfleet experimented with several new classes of starship in order to bolster their ranks. The Federation had rarely faced such a dangerous and relentless enemy. Starfleet and the Federation had to adapt in order to face the Domion and to survive the conflict. The Prometheus Class starship was one of the results to this adaptation. The USS Zealous is one of the few Prometheus class vessels produced by Starfleet. Showcasing the latest in defenses, ablative armor, multivector assault mode and more, the Zealous is one of the most dangerous vessels at Starfleet's disposal. But now Starfleet and the Federation have entered an era of peace. Can this attack cruiser find a place in Starfleet during the peace?

CO: Captain Azanialix Ja'arda
XO: Commander Taylor Mason/Jarrold Scott

MercuryUSS Mercury
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Post Dominion War
Format: PBEM



The year is 2378, it has been a little over two years since the end of the devastating and brutal Dominion War. Starfleet is in the process of rebuilding, but it takes time. The War left many scars. For now, Starfleet scrapes by with ships that ought to be retired. Some days, it seems as if the Mercury should be on that list.

Even with all her problems, the Mercury is the most capable ship in Starfleet's Sixth Fleet. In that capability, the Mercury is beginning a mission of exploration and guiding the long road to recovery.

CO: Captain Sean Michael Curtin
XO: Commander Lupe Fernandez

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Star Wars: Dragon SquadronDragon Squadron
Genre: Star Wars
Era: 10 years after ROTJ
Format: MB


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CO: Coming Soon...
XO: Coming Soon...

Firefly: MonarchFirefly: Monarch
Genre: Firefly
Era: Post Serenity
Format: MB

Set in the Firefly Universe in the "Post Serenity" Era. A war is brewing as the worlds are wanting to be free again. The Monarch, a worn and seasoned Firefly-class transport plays host to a rag-tag group of vagabonds who's goals are simple. Find a job and keep flying, be the mission legal or otherwise. As the motto goes, "I don't care, I'm still free... You can't take the sky from me!"

CO: Kynthia Talland
XO: Lucille Rapson

Torchwood TenTorchwood Ten
Genre: Torchwood/Dr. Who
Era: Modern Era
Format: MB



Torchwood Ten lies deep within the city limits of London, England. They are an elite handpicked team that stands between the realm of Man and the expanse of the unknown. Their purview is the security of the British Empire. Their plan is to keep the general public in blissful ignorance of reality.

CO: Derowen MacFie
XO: Grace Forbes

USS LegacyUSS Legacy
Genre: Star Trek
Era: Comings Soon...
Format: MB



Coming Soon...

CO: Captain Cynthia Lynette Jackson
XO: Commander Phil Wilson