Image of the USS Enterprise-D in space

Sim Application

The SLA is a growing community offering a great deal to simmers and sims. Games within this group have freedom rarely found in other fleets and benefits surpassing all others. If your sim is affiliated with the SLA you have access to an extremely large recruiting pool, mailstrings, website assistance, website hosting and much more. In order to be affiliated with the SLA we do ask that several standards are met.

  • Any sim wanting to enter the SLA from independent status must be previously active for three months before joining the SLA.
  • Any sim wanting to enter from another organization must not be affiliated with their previous organization before submitting a request to join the SLA.
  • At least six active simmers are needed. (Exceptions may be given by the Council, if asked for one.)

You should also review the SLA Charter which protects the rights of the simmers, hosts and sims. Please be sure to review this document before making a decision to bring your sim into the SLA.

If you are ready please contact The Council to look into your sim and begin the process of discussion about bringing your sim into the group. Please also remember that any questions can be brought to The Council at any time.